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Export Markets

Our export accredited plant sends quality meats around the world.

Some of the markets TQM are certified to export to include:

  • Canada

  • EU (animal by-products for technical use)

  • Hong Kong

  • Japan

  • Mexico

  • Republic of Korea

  • Saudi Arabia

  • South Africa

  • Taiwan

  • UK (animal by-products for technical use)

  • United States

  • Vietnam

  • Egypt

  • Indonesia

  • Lebanon

  • Republic of Korea

  • Singapore

Our meat products – frozen mutton, veal and lamb, chilled lamb and offal are registered wholesale halal meat products, and we ensure the quality of our Tasmanian halal lamb and other products with our strict adherence to the guidelines of the ICCV (Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria).

You can read more about our accreditations here.