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The Heart of Tasmanian Lamb Country


Premium Cuts, Superior Taste


Grazed and Raised in Pristine Conditions


State of the Art Facilities

About Us

Headquartered in the Tasmanian country town of Cressy and family owned and operated since 1997, our plant processes exclusively grass fed lamb, mutton, veal and offal. Processing up to 17,000 lambs per week, our export accredited plant services export and domestic markets.

Export Markets

Award winning, Halal certified meats are available to a range of food service, restaurants, importers and other wholesalers. A Tier 2 accredited plant, TQM exports to various countries around the world.

Domestic Markets

Servicing the wider Tasmanian and Australian domestic markets, TQM products appear on the shelves of grocers, in the cabinets of butchers, and the plates of fine dining restaurants to name a few.