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About Tasmanian Quality Meats

A family-run business, TQM has grown steadily since founded in 1997

With family members in various roles throughout the plant, our success is the result of being able to provide the excellent quality products our customers deserve, along with creating and maintaining great relationships with suppliers – our local farming community. The results are exceptional products with outstanding service for every customer and supplier.

We have the capacity to process 17,000 lambs, mutton & bobby veal per week, ensuring consistent supply.

All our produce is proudly halal certified and HGP-free, and is supplied to markets Australia-wide, as well as being exported to numerous international locations.

About Tasmania

Australia’s southernmost state, Tasmania, has a mild temperate climate, fertile soils, reliable rainfall and plenty of sunshine. This enviable combination of conditions leads to lush pastures which result in the premium products supplied by Tasmanian Quality Meats.

A world-renowned, and award-winning, gourmet island, Tasmania is a bountiful paradise where people live in close harmony with the land and the sea. Our pristine environment translates into safer, cleaner produce of the absolute highest quality.

Export Markets

Tasmanian Quality Meats is certified to export its award-winning, halal products to a large range of international markets.

Domestic Markets

Supplying Australia with exceptional quality wholesale meat products, including Tasmanian lamb.


All products processed are halal, with approval granted by the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV)